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Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from sh.

The MEPC approved the Programme of follow-up actions of the initial IMO strategy on reduc.2018-11-19.

VLCCs Lose Ground as Smaller Sizes Improve

VLCC A slower week In the Middle East Gulf saw rates ease four points to WS 90 for 270,.2018-11-19.

Americas MR freight spikes 40% ahead of Thank.

Americas Medium Range freight spiked 40% from Wednesday level on the US Gulf Coast-Caribb.2018-11-19.

Trade War Finally Hammers Commodity Ships, Co.

The commodity shipping industry was expected to sail through the trade war unscathed. .2018-11-19.

Shanghai International Shipping Center

Shanghai Oct box volumes up 5.3pc YoY, but do.

CONTAINER volumes at China's Shanghai port have risen in October compared to the same mon.2018-11-15.

Shanghai container volumes up 5.3% in October

Container volumes at China’s Shanghai port have risen in October compared to the ye.2018-11-14.

Shanghai shipyard delivers second 20,000 TEU .

SHANGHAI Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co has delivered the 20,000 TEU containership, named the.2018-06-04.

32 seafarers missing from Iranian tanker coll.

Thirty-two seafarers are missing from a NITC tanker after it collided with a bulk carrier.2018-01-08.

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