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       2013年9月10日,Axis Offshore宣布该公司第二艘半潜式浮式住宿船Axis Vega.的订单。


       在中远船务公司兴建的四艘系列浮式住宿船中,Axis Vega是其中第二艘,有望在2015年年底交付。


       Axis Vega的姐妹船Axis Nova早在2012年8月就开工建造,并将在2015年第一季度交付。现代浮式住宿船需要在北海严酷的环境中运行,特别是在挪威和英国,建造新船也正是为了达到这一要求,并强调能保证至少500名船员和顾客的高安全标准和舒适的离岸食宿安排。


       Axis Nova 和 Axis Vega均按GM500A的设计建造,并符合挪威的法规。浮式住宿船具有11.5米的操作气隙,动力定位系统(DP3),以及系泊装置,保证船舶在北海全年操作正常。


       Axis Offshore的CEO Jesper Kragh Andresen评论道:“Axis Offshore现在好评不断,越来越收到顾客的青睐,这更加坚定了我们高标准建船的信念。我们已经看到我们在北海新船市场的巨大发展潜力,同时也对其他地区的市场保持热情。”


       Axis Offshore的董事长Helge Haakonsen评论道:“Axis Offshore致力于增加我们在高端浮式住宿船方面的活动,我们很高兴订购Axis Vega后继续开展我们的计划。”在2012年6月,HitecVision 和 J. Lauritzen两人达成合作伙伴关系,就浮式住宿船业务部门成立合资企业Axis Offshore。Axis Offshore除了拥有 Axis Nova 和 Axis Vega外,还有一艘目前长期租给巴西石油公司的浮式住宿船Dan Swift。



 COSCO wins high-end Flotel

September 10, 2013, Axis Offshore announced the ordering of the company’s second semi-submersible flotel, Axis Vega. 


Axis Vega is the second in a series of up to four flotels to be built at COSCO Shipyard. Axis Vega is expected to be delivered year-end 2015. 


The sister vessel, Axis Nova, has been under construction at COSCO Shipyard since August 2012 and will be delivered in 1Q15. 


The new-buildings are targeted for the strong demand for modern flotels to operate in the harsh environment of the North Sea, especially in the Norwegian and UK sector with emphasis on high safety standards and comfortable solutions for offshore accommodation for up to 500 crew and guests. 


Axis Nova and Axis Vega are based on the GM500A design in compliance with Norwegian rules. The flotels have 11.5 meter operational air-gap, dynamic positioning systems (DP3) as well as mooring to enable year-round operability in the North Sea. 


The CEO of Axis Offshore, Mr. Jesper Kragh Andresen, comments: “The positive responses and growing interests Axis Offshore is receiving from clients reinforce our belief in the superior specification underlying our new-buildings. While we see strong potential for our new-buildings in the North Sea, we remain keen to expand our presence in other regions as well”. 


The chairman of Axis Offshore, Mr. Helge Haakonsen, comments: “Axis Offshore is committed to grow our activities in the high-end flotel segment and we are very pleased to continue the roll-out of our strategy with the ordering of Axis Vega. 


In July 2012, partners HitecVision and J. Lauritzen formed the joint venture Axis Offshore in the flotel segment. In addition to Axis Nova and Axis Vega, Axis Offshore owns the flotel Dan Swift, currently on long-term charter to Petrobras in Brazil.