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来源:Offshore Energy 2021-12-03

翻译:国际海事信息网 顾晋瑄 张运鸿
        ClassNK(日本船级社)已将日本公司川崎重工业株式会社(Kawasaki Heavy Industries ,简称KHI)建造的世界第一艘液化氢气运输船列入其船舶注册名单。
        “Suiso Frontier”号是由KHI公司建造的世界上第一艘液化氢气运输船,它也是无二氧化碳氢能源供应链技术研究协会(the CO2-free Hydrogen Energy Supply-chain Technology Research Association,简称HySTRA)中成员之一。 
        HySTRA协会由KHI公司、岩谷产业株式会社(Iwatani Corporation)、日本壳牌有限公司(Shell Japan Limited)和电力开发公司(Electric Power Development)于2016年共同创立,这些公司成立该协会是为了将氢气发展成为一种燃料能源。
        为了确保氢气的安全海运,这就需要采取密集的处理措施,2017年ClassNK发布了 《液化氢气运输船舶指南》(Guidelines for Liquefied Hydrogen Carriers),其基于IMO(国际海事组织)《散装液化氢气运输临时建议》(Interim Recommendations for Carriage of Liquefied Hydrogen in Bulk)明确了相关安全要求。 
        ClassNK完成了对“Suiso Frontier”号的船体结构、机械装置、船上设备、材材质等方面规定的调查,并于2021年12月3日将该船加列入了其船舶注册名单。 
ClassNK adds world’s 1st liquefied hydrogen carrier to its register
Classification society ClassNK has added the world’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier built by Japanese corporation Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) to its register.
Suiso Frontier is the world’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier built by KHI, a member of the CO2-free Hydrogen Energy Supply-chain Technology Research Association (HySTRA). 
HySTRA was formed by KHI, Iwatani Corporation, Shell Japan Limited, and Electric Power Development in 2016, with the aim of promoting hydrogen as a fuel source.
The ship started trading in 2021 and is expected to be the first of many more hydrogen carriers Kawasaki wants to build in the future.
As explained, hydrogen is clean energy that does not emit CO2 when burned. The use of hydrogen is expected to expand worldwide, and efforts are being made to build a supply chain to realize a Hydrogen Society.
Hydrogen is liquefied at an extremely low temperature of -253 degrees Celsius and has hazards such as flammability, permeability, and more. 
To contribute to the safe seaborne transportation of hydrogen, which needs intensive measures for handling, in 2017 ClassNK published the “Guidelines for Liquefied Hydrogen Carriers” describing the safety requirements based on the IMO’s Interim Recommendations for Carriage of Liquefied Hydrogen in Bulk. 
For Suiso Frontier’s hull structure, machinery, onboard equipment, materials, and the like, ClassNK completed the prescribed surveys and added the vessel to its register on 3 December 2021. 
ClassNK said it will continuously support the safe operation of the vessel through surveys in service, while utilizing the knowledge and experience gained from the upcoming surveys for keeping its guidelines up to date and contributing to establishing the appropriate international standard, thereby working to the social implementation of hydrogen transportation.