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来源:Offshore Energy 2024-03-22
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        挪威船东与运营商Golden Energy Offshore Services(简称GEOS)公司续签了西班牙雷普索尔(Repsol)公司子公司Repsol Norge的一艘平台供应船(PSV)服务合同。

        Golden Energy Offshore公司宣布延长Repsol Norge公司的“Energy Swan”号平台供应船(PSV)租期时指出,其将直接就现有的2023年租船合同延续两个月租期,原本该船租期为两个月,且可选择两个月外加两个月,即总共为期四个月的选择权。

        该公司未披露财务细节。不过,该公司透露由于Repsol Norge公司现已行使租约的所有选择权,这艘大型平台供应船(PSV)“Energy Swan”会从2024年5月1日开始执行新租约。2005年建造的“Energy Swan”号是一艘大型平台供应船(PSV)/管线运输船,采用“ST 216”型设计,并可容纳28人。

        Golden Energy Offshore公司近期与荷兰Vroon Holding旗下子公司签署了一份具有约束力的协议备忘录,即以9400万美元总价收购四艘平台供应船(PSV)和一艘安全备用船(SSV),以扩充其近海供应船船队。



Repsol prolongs vessel’s gig offshore Norway

Norwegian vessel owner and operator Golden Energy Offshore Services (GEOS) has secured a contract extension for one of its platform supply vessels (PSVs) with Repsol Norge, a subsidiary of Spain’s Repsol.

While announcing the PSV Energy Swan’s prolonged stay with Repsol Norge, Golden Energy Offshore pointed out that the two-month extension would be in direct continuation of the existing charter contract from 2023 when the PSV was chartered for a firm period of two months with optional two plus two months, representing a total of four months of options.

No financial details were disclosed. However, the company did reveal that the large-size PSV Energy Swan will be available for new charters from May 1, 2024, as all options under the Repsol Norge charter have now been exercised. The 2005-built Energy Swan is a large PSV/pipe carrier of an ST 216 design and can accommodate 28 people.

Golden Energy Offshore recently took steps to enlarge its fleet of offshore supply vessels, by inking a binding memorandum of agreements for the acquisition of four PSVs and one safety and standby vessel (SSV) from subsidiaries of the Netherlands’ Vroon Holding for a total consideration of $94 million.

The extension with Repsol comes shortly after the Norwegian vessel owner found more work for two platform supply vessels in the North Sea.