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Shanghai up 3.4pc in May

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The Port of Shanghai posted a 3.4 per cent year-on-year increase in container volume in May to 2.94 million TEU, but throughput was down from the four per cent April increase, according to data issued by the port operator.  China's exports are forecast to rise 7.3 per cent in May year on year, halving from April's 14.7 per cent increase, according to a Reuters poll. Imports are expected to rise six per cent in May, about a third of the growth experienced in April. Shanghai overtook Singapore to be the world's busiest container port in 2010, surpassing 30 million TEU mark in 2011. It has maintained its top spot, finishing 2012 ahead of Singapore.

Shanghai Railway Bureau offers door-to-door service from Hefei to Ningbo

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SHANGHAI Railway Bureau trains have kicked off trial run of door-to-door service on the Shanghai-Hefei rail line with Shanghai-bound trains accessing trains to Ningbo Tuesdays and Fridays, Xinhua reports.  Shippers need only call the Shanghai Railway Bureau or logon to its website to place order, their cargo will then be collected at their doorstep by railway staff. Consignments can be tracked and the service provided at lower cost, the bureau said.  It has been over a month since China Railway Corporation, operator of the national railways was formed with the break up of the Ministry of Railways to undertake the business operations. Shanghai's move is a mark that the corporation is taking part in market competition, said Xinhua.  The railway expects most shippers to deal in bulk cargo. Now that gloomy world and domestic economy has hurt demand, the corporation is facing challenge from securing growth.  China's infrastructure is still big enough to develop a highly effective traffic network, especially in the intermodal area. A seamless-connected network between rail, sea, air and roads has yet to be built, which requires rail to take on a greater share of the logistics market. 

Third Pharma Cold Chain China 2013 to be held in Shanghai May 23-24

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THE 3rd Pharma Cold Chain China 2013, organised by CPhI Conferences, is to be held in Shanghai on May 23-24 and will discuss how the pharmaceutical cold chain industry in China will perform in the near to medium term and the top cold chain challenges to be faced by pharmaceutical companies. The speakers at the conference will be Sherman Cheung, the former senior supply chain management director of Sanofi Pasteur, the president of Sherman Addison Consulting Inc, Ron Pierce; the technical director of Asia of Cool Logistics Australia as well as Masih Sabet, the man in charge of good manufacturing compliance at NNE Pharmaplan. Mr Pierce said that there is insufficient cold chain management knowledge within industry as well as a lack of one-stop shopping 3PL cold chain logistic organisations capable of serving China.  Mr Sabet cold-chain management is still struggling to identify and agree on best-practice, adding that the pharma sector still faces cold chain product losses, resulting in eroding profit margins.

Shanghai suffers first trade value drop to European Union in years

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SHANGHAI Customs, which processes 20 per cent of China's trade, recorded a year-on-year decline of 0.9 per cent in its foreign trade value to US$184.19 billion and its "first decline in many years" to the EU, reports Xinhua.  Imports fell 6.7 per cent to $70.14 billion while exports increased 3.1 per cent to $114.05 billion. The decrease indicated that trade in the Yangtze River Delta and regions along the river are still weak.  Exports to the European Union dropped 0.9 per cent to $21.29 billion. EU imports declined 7.4 per cent to $16.33 billion. Even in 2012, the most depressing year for the EU market, Shanghai imports from the EU posted 1.4 per cent growth.

China Merchants Energy Shipping plunges to Q1 loss

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Shanghai: China Merchants Energy Shipping (CMES) plunged to a first quarter net loss amid a sluggish oil tanker shipping market. Shanghai-listed CMES posted first quarter deficit of RMB70.87m ($11.46m) as against a net profit of RMB52.23m in the same period of last year. The VLCC owner saw operating revenue decreased 20% year-on-year to RMB650.45m. In 2012, CMES recorded full year profit of RMB91.07m on revenue of RMB2.87bn.

Shanghai's first quarter trade value down 0.9pc - 'first decline in years'

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SHANGHAI Customs, which processes 20 per cent of China's trade, recorded a year-on-year decline of 0.9 per cent in its foreign trade value to US$184.19 billion - its "first decline in many years", reports Xinhua.  Imports fell 6.7 per cent to $70.14 billion while exports increased 3.1 per cent to $114.05 billion.  The decrease indicated that trade in the Yangtze River Delta and regions along the river is still weak.  Exports to the European Union dropped 0.9 per cent to $21.29 billion. EU imports declined 7.4 per cent to $16.33 billion. Even in 2012, the most depressing year for the EU market, Shanghai imports from the EU posted 1.4 per cent growth.  Shanghai Customs also reported trade with Japan suffered an even bigger decrease than with the EU. Japanese volume fell 9.2 per cent to $22.65 billion. The fall was 5.3 percentage points more than the EU's.  In the first quarter, among the three largest trade partners of Shanghai, only trade with the US increased, up 5.3 per cent.  In the first quarter, Shanghai's automobile imports plunged 26.5 per cent to $2.87 billion.  A survey on 200 multi-national enterprises in China conducted by Shanghai International Sourcing Promotion Centre shows that the international sourcing confidence index was 53.8 points in the first quarter, only 0.1 points higher than the fourth quarter of 2012.  Industrial product sourcing index was 52.31 points, lower than last quarter's 52.47 points. Consumer product sourcing index was 57.69 points, higher than last quarter's 57.11 points.

Sloppy stowing in China risks lives, says insurer

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Shanghai: Badly secured breakbulk cargoes are coming loose and putting lives and vessels at risk – especially in China - according to a report from the North P&I club. The insurer cites an increasing number of insurance claims arising from poor stowage of goods, with over-stowing of incompatible cargoes and insufficient lashings, dunnage and shoring, particularly from vessels leaving Chinese ports. According to Tony Baker, head of loss prevention at North P&I: “Poor loading practices of breakbulk cargoes are particularly prevalent in Chinese ports and have led to cargo shifting and stows collapsing during voyages. This in turn has resulted in damage to vessels and cargo and to items of cargo being lost overboard, resulting in substantial claims.” “We have seen heavy cargoes such as steel girders, vehicles and containers stowed over jumbo bulk bags, and lashings tied to ship's ladders and pipework that are obviously not designed for the task.” North recommends that charterers be involved as soon as problems arise, with notes of protest issued if stevedores fail to address concerns. “We are aware of instances where Masters have challenged stevedores on the method of stowage and securing of the cargo and yet stevedores have ignored these objections," says Baker. "It is vital in such situations that masters exercise their authority and stop further loading until satisfied the stowage and securing is safe.”

Shanghai box throughput improves in March

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Shanghai: Shanghai, the world's largest container port, moved higher throughput in March both year-on-year and month-on-month, according to figures from Shanghai International Port (Group) (SIPG). The Chinese port handled 2.88m teu last month, an improvement of 5.3% compared to 2.73m teu recorded in the same month of the previous year. Month-on-month, throughput at Shanghai port jumped 43% compared to 2.01m teu in February – a slower month due to the Chinese New Year holidays and shorter number of working days. In the first quarter of this year, Shanghai port registered box volumes of 7.8m teu, an increase from 7.54m teu recorded in the same period of 2012.  

8,888-TEU OOCL Memphis debuts in Shanghai, to join transpacific fleet

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HONG KONG's Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) has unveiled its newest 8,888-TEU vessel, the OOCL Memphis, in Shanghai, which will be used on the Super Shuttle Express between Asia and North America.  The ship is the fourth of eight 8,888-TEUers OOCL has ordered from Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Company.  In thanking the shipbuilder, OOCL chief executive Andy Tung said: "The OOCL Memphis cannot only help lower energy consumption levels but also reduce emissions to improve our environment."  The ship's 42-day port rotation is Shenzhen-Yantian, Shenzhen-Da Chan Bay, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung and Long Beach, then back to Asia, calling at Kaohsiung, Xiamen, Hong Kong and Shenzhen-Yantian.

CSCL back in the black in 2012

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Shanghai: China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) emerged from a 2011 net loss to post a net profit of RMB524.92m ($84.43m) due largely to non-operating gains. The Shanghai- and Hong Kong-listed container line of state-owned China Shipping Group returned to the black last year from a massive deficit of RMB2.74bn. CSCL said the profit “mainly consisted of gain from disposal of a proportion of self-owned containers by the company.” Revenue in 2012 rose to RMB32.55bn from RMB28.25bn due primarily to increase in volume of loaded cargoes and rise in freight rates. Despite freight rates improving at the start of 2012 compared to a year earlier, it remains difficult for the container shipping sector to be optimistic in 2013, according to CSCL. Li Shaode, chairman of China Shipping Group, commented that the oversupply situation of shipping capacity will see no genuine improvement in the near future, as 258 ships with a total capacity of 1.59m teu will be delivered in 2013, raising new global capacity by 7.3%. In addition, uncertainties such as global economy and trade development, volatile bunker fuel prices and competition will continue to hinder the development of the industry, he added.

CSDC profit tumbles 93%, delaying ship deliveries

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Shanghai: China Shipping Development Co (CSDC) narrowly managed to stay profitable in 2012 but is looking to delay taking deliveries of some new vessels in view of the oversupplied shipping market. The Shanghai and Hong Kong-listed shipping company registered a full year net profit of RMB73.74m ($11.85m), a plunge of 93% compared to a profit of RMB1.06bn in 2011. The figures were in line with the company's expectations of approximately 90% plummet in profits. CSDC achieved gains on revaluation of investment properties of RMB439.13m last year compared to just RMB16.49m in 2011. Revenue declined 9.1% year-on-year to RMB11.05bn. Meanwhile, CSDC admitted that it will “actively negotiate with shipyards to delay the construction and delivery schedule of part of the new vessels”. The company has 31 new vessels with a total tonnage of 2,776,000 dwt scheduled to be delivered for use in 2013, including six tankers and 25 dry bulk carriers. “As the current oversupply condition of the shipping market is yet to improve, the company will also be under relatively greater pressure to deliver new vessels,” it said. Looking into 2013, CSDC believed that it will be able to improve its core competitiveness in the sluggish shipping market by adapting to the large vessels and low carbon development trends to make scientific and reasonable adjustment to the fleet structure. It will also continue to promote its LNG business by exploring new LNG transportation projects and establishing its own LNG fleet.

Shanghai port ends yard transfer fee, but storage, reefer fees remain

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SHANGHAI International Port Group (SIPG) has stopped charging customers to transfer import containers from the yard inside the port to another outside the port to alleviate congestion. There are about 650,000 TEU that need to transfer between yards which once generated fees of CNY200 million (US$32.14 million), Wen Wei Po reports. But storage and reefer fees will remain unchanged. Meanwhile, the procedures for picking up containers have also been streamlined. Customers now need to go through such procedures at the terminal for once before they can pick up boxes.