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Guidance on open ships (“Viking ships”)
General provisions
In pursuance of Section 2 of the Act on Ship Safety, etc., every ship shall be built and
equipped so that human lives are safe in a fully secured way at sea and so that it is suitable for
the purpose that it is intended for at any time.
Requirements of a technical and survey-related nature for specific classes of ships and vessels
are laid down in Notice F issued by the Danish Ships Inspection and in technical regulation
no. 29 of 13 December 1988 on ships for rental as well as in later amendments and guidances
to these regulations published in Notices from the Danish Maritime Authority.
The guidelines given in this guidance include, on the one hand, a reproduction of certain
mandatory requirements (characterised by the use of the word “shall”) and, on the other hand,
the Danish Maritime Authority’s opinion as to how to comply with the requirements
contained in the said regulations (characterised by the use of the word “should”).



来源:Danish Maritime Authority