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       两艘劳斯莱斯UT 771WP平台供应船将成为亚洲首批具有在波涛汹涌的大海中劈波斩浪的穿浪船首的船舶,这种船首使得船舶能保持一个更加稳定的速度行驶,且能减少燃油消耗,提高船板安全性。




       劳斯莱斯的总裁Anders Almestad说:“这款新设计是在劳斯莱斯,船东和船厂共同合作下开发出来的。他们的意见对我们的设计非常重要。”












Rolls-Royce win OSV design & system

Oct. 15, 2013 - Rolls-Royce has won an order to provide an integrated design and equipment package for two offshore supply vessels to be built at COSCO (Guangdong) Shipyard Co., Ltd in China for the Singapore based Chellsea Group, an ambitious and quality conscious player in the offshore oilfield services industry. 


The two Rolls-Royce UT 771 WP platform supply vessels will be the first vessels in Asia featuring the striking wave piercing bow designed to pierce through the waves in rough seas, making it possible to keep a more constant speed, reduce fuel consumption and increase on board safety. 


The vessels will be added to the fleet of two UT-vessels operated by Chellsea today. 


Anders Almestad, Rolls-Royce, President - Offshore, said: “This new design has been developed in cooperation between Rolls-Royce, the ship owner and the yard. Their viewpoint has been vital to our design team in this project. 


"We are very pleased that COSCO have confidence in us and introduced us to another new customer. We look forward to building a fruitful relationship with Chellsea going forward." 


The delivery from Rolls-Royce will comprise ship design and an extensive integrated systems package including MTU-engines, propulsion system, power electrical system, bulk handling system, deck machinery, automation and control system as well as dynamic positioning system that use satellite technology to automatically maintain the vessels’ position without anchoring. 


The two vessels are scheduled for delivery in 2015. The contract includes an option for additional four vessels. 


There are 22 Rolls-Royce UT-vessels under construction in China at present. Of these are four UT-vessels under construction at the COSCO Guangdong yard and four at the COSCO Zhoushan shipyard.