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来源:World Maritime News 2017-12-18
翻译:国际海事信息网 宋文烨 张运鸿
       英国独立航运经纪公司Simpson Spence Young(以下简称SSY)收购了丹麦航运经纪公司Bidsted & Co,以扩展其干货业务。
       Bidsted & Co成立于1940年,是丹麦哥本哈根为数不多的独立船舶经纪人之一,主要为丹麦和远东干货船承租人、操作人和船东提供租船和船舶买卖服务。
       SSY干货部门负责人Stanko Jekov说道:“我们很期待与Bidsted的团队合作。此次并购对公司持续扩展干货部门在哥本哈根当地的业务是个绝好的契机,哥本哈根也是欧洲主要的港口之一。”
       Bidsted公司总经理Carsten Munk Jensen补充道:“此举将为我们的团队提供全球经纪人环境,从而开辟新契机。”
Shipbroker SSY Grows Dry Cargo Department
UK’s independent shipbroking group Simpson Spence Young is to expand its dry cargo business as it reached an agreement to acquire the Danish shipbroker Bidsted & Co.
Bidsted & Co, which was founded in 1940, is one of the few remaining independent shipbrokers in Copenhagen. Its chartering and S&P expertise focuses on serving Danish and Far Eastern dry cargo charterers, operators and shipowners.
“We are very much looking forward to working with the team at Bidsted and this acquisition is a great opportunity for us to continue to grow our Dry Cargo department with local expertise in Copenhagen, one of the major shipping hubs of Europe,” Stanko Jekov, Head of Dry Cargo at Simpson Spence Young, said.
“This move will provide new opportunities for our team under the umbrella of a major global brokerage,” Carsten Munk Jensen, Managing Director of Bidsted, added.
Established in 1880, Simpson Spence Young has experts and teams working in long established areas of shipbroking; dry cargo chartering, tanker chartering, and ship sale and purchase. In addition they operate in the chemical, gas, agency and towage sectors, and “are constantly expanding our horizons in line with the dynamic world of shipping and trading.”