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来源:American Shipper 2017-12-19
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     马士基表示在十一月,已有十几位客户通过ship.maerskline.com试用了该平台,现在已正式向所有客户开放。 “客户有了更多的自主支配空间,预订舱位即与马士基互相做出了设备及空间使用的约定。在客户已预定而公司未按计划执行的情况下,马士基将为客户提供补偿。同时,客户方面无理由取消订单也将被收取取消订舱费。


     “技术和数字化正在改变全球贸易模式。”马士基航运公司高级副总裁兼贸易管理主管Silvia Ding表示:“马士基将继续致力于为新老客户提供创新解决方案以连接和简化供应链。”该试点平台将为我们的客户提供更加稳定的供应链,提高定价和服务承诺的透明度,有助于提高马士基的运营效率。”


Maersk Line launches online platform to combat booking cancellations


Maersk Line has launched a new online platform for end-to-end freight booking that aims to reduce last-minute booking cancellations, a spokesperson for the Danish ocean carrier has confirmed.
The platform offers services on selected routes and ports in North China, including Qingdao, Xingang and Dalian to the East Coast of South America, West Africa and Southern part of Africa. However, Maersk "intends to continuously review performance and consider further expansion to other trades and ports going forward."
A dozen customers trialed the program in November, via ship.maerskline.com, but now the platform is now officially opened to all customers, said Maersk. "Customers get more control as bookings trigger equipment and space commitment with Maersk Line. Further, Maersk Line will provide customers compensation should a booking not proceed as planned. A cancellation fee for 'no-shows' from the customers’ side is also introduced," the ocean carrier said.
“Technology and digitalization are changing global trading patterns. Maersk Line remains committed to serve new and existing customers with innovative solutions that connect and simplify supply chains," said Silvia Ding, senior vice president and head of trade management of Maersk Line. "This pilot platform will provide stability to the supply chain of our customers, increase transparency in pricing and service promises and help improve Maersk Line’s operational efficiency as well.