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来源:Seatrade Maritime 2018-02-23
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       在Al Mazrouei博士的领导下,船厂优异的业绩源于新建造方式的成本效益,石油和天然气领域的拓展以及与阿联酋海军签订的为期三年的海上支援服务合同,这项合同一直延续到2020年。
       ADSB多元化战略的一个关键因素是收购了位于Mina Zayed的一个浮动码头和一个附近的维修码头,该码头距离该公司Mussfah的主要工地约35公里。与主船厂不同的是,拥有1万吨起重能力的浮动码头和水深14米的维修码头没有尺寸限制,因此能修理更大型的船舶。
Abu Dhabi Ship Building reports sparkling 2017 results
Abu Dhabi Ship Building PJSC (ADSB) has reported net profit up by 70% to AED104.8m ($28.5m) for the 2017 financial year ending in December, representing its second-best performance ever. Gross profit for the year rose from AED256.1m ($69.7m) in 2016 to AED 277.1m ($75.4m).
The latest financials demonstrate the yard’s continuing success story as the company diversifies its traditional naval construction and repair business into new sectors including commercial shipping and offshore. The figures are notable, however, because the shipbuilding and repair sectors are under pressure as a result of the offshore downturn and the expansion of shipyard capacity across the region.
Under the leadership of Dr Al Mazrouei, the results were driven by cost efficiencies in new construction, expansion in the oil and gas sector, and the increased scope of the three-year Marine Support Services contract with the UAE Navy which runs until 2020.
A key element in the ADSB diversification strategy has been the acquisition of a floating dock and an adjacent repair quay with back-up facilities in Mina Zayed, about 35kms from the company’s main site at Mussafah. The dock, with a lifting capacity of 10,000 tonnes, and the quay with a water depth of 14m alongside, do not have the same size constraints as the main shipyard and are therefore capable of repairing larger ships.
ADSB is a public joint stock company owned by the Abu Dhabi Government (10%), the Mubadala Investment Company (40%), with the balance of shares trade publicly on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.