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来源:American Shipper 2018-03-30
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       周五在HMM年会上,C.K. Yoo作为首席执行官,其任期延长至2021年。他表示员工将“众志成城”,将HMM打造成全球顶级航运公司之一。
       本周早些时候,现代美国船舶代理公司贸易与服务高级副总裁劳伦斯伯恩(Lawrence Burns)斯指出,集装箱运输商破产,收购和兼并的浪潮已经导致该行业现在被七大超级运营商所控制,船队规模超过100万标准箱。
       船队规模超过100万标准箱的海运公司包括马士基,地中海航运,法国达飞,中远海运/东方海外,赫伯罗特,长荣,以及从4月1日开始,由日本三家航运公司——日本邮船会社、商船三井和川崎汽船合并的ONE海运联盟(Ocean Network Express)。  
HMM plans to become one of the 'super carriers' by 2020
Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) plans to become one of the container industry’s “super carriers” by 2020, controlling a fleet with a capacity of more than 1 million TEUs. 
C.K. Yoo, whose term as chief executive officer was extended through 2021 at the HMM annual meeting on Friday, said employees will “give our all to leap forward as one of the top global shipping carriers.”
The company said it expects to be “equipped with eco-friendly, mega smart containerships in the near future,” which Yoo said will give HMM “great cost-competitiveness and strengthen its sales power.”
Speaking earlier this week, Lawrence Burns, senior vice president of trades and services at Hyundai America Shipping Agency, Inc., noted the wave of bankruptcies, acquisitions and mergers among container carriers has led to the point where the industry is now dominated by seven super carriers all controlling fleets with a capacity of more than 1 million TEUs.
“There’s still a couple more players including Hyundai Merchant Marine that are expected to join… and reach that threshold of a million TEU.”
He noted the government of South Korea is now the company’s largest shareholder, and “on the drafting table, currently we have plans to actually reach a million TEU by 2020.”
Burns made his comments during a talk this Wednesday at the Port of Long Beach’s Pulse of the Ports Peak Season Forecast.
Ocean carriers that have fleets with a capacity exceeding 1 million TEUs include Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co., CMA CGM, COSCO/OOCL, Hapag-Lloyd, Evergreen Line, and starting April 1, Ocean Network Express, the merged container services of Japanese carriers NYK, MOL and "K" Line.
In the wake of the bankruptcy of the other major South Korean container carrier Hanjin in 2016, HMM last year saw its cargo volumes soar by 30 percent to over 4 million TEUs, while revenues skyrocketed 20 percent.
The company has said it plans to “leap to be a global leading carrier” by securing ultra-large containerships, expanding service coverage, enhancing cost-competiveness and preparing for new environmental regulations.