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来源:American Shipper 2018-05-04
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       但在免缴交通缓解费的期间,不断上涨的费用以及码头外集卡扎堆情况遭到托运人抗议,因此港口方正计划修改PierPass计划。在新修订的计划“PierPass 2.0”中,交通缓解费用将减半,但全天收取。托运司机需要提前预约方能进入集装箱码头,并进行集装箱的提取和运输。




Drayage driver groups support PierPass changes


While a proposal by a dozen marine terminals operating in the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach to modify the PierPass OffPeak system has been criticized by several shipper groups, two organizations that represent drayage truck drivers, as well as the Port of Los Angeles itself, say they are “generally supportive” of it.


Currently, a traffic mitigation fee (TMF) is imposed on shippers for containers that are picked up and delivered at the terminals during the day. That fee has encouraged shippers to do container transactions at night and on Saturdays, while providing funds to the terminals to offset the cost of operating for longer hours. By shifting about half of the truck traffic at the nation’s two busiest ports to off-peak hours, the PierPass program has reduced traffic congestion and air pollution.


But with shippers critical of the growing amount of the fee and trucks gathering outside terminals around the time the TMF is waived, the terminals are planning to modify the PierPass program. Under what some are calling “PierPass 2.0,” the TMF would be about halved but charged around the clock. Pickups and deliveries of containers would continue to be spread out by requiring truckers to have an appointment to enter the container terminals.


In a joint letter, the Harbor Trucking Association (HTA) and the California Trucking Association’s Intermodal Conference (CTA), said, “We see the efforts to smooth out truck traffic between day and night shifts, the reapplication of the TMF to all cargo at a lower price and the emphasis on appointments to ensure smooth operations at the ports’ container terminals generally constructive.”