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来源:World Maritime News 2018-07-17

翻译:国际海事信息网 黄子倩 张运鸿
        美国船公司Tidewater与GulfMark Offshore均已得到其董事会的特许,两家公司合并重组。
        “通过船队与岸基活动的融合,我们可以更好地为顾客提供现代化的高端船只,同时确保操作上的安全性,客户服务的质优价廉。这次合并维持了Tidewater良好的财务状况,使公司得以为其有机增长及潜在的额外收购提供资金支持。”Tidewater的董事长兼CEO John Rynd如是说。
        “在GulfMark,我们长期致力于OSV行业的稳固发展。这次合并在该行动上踏出了重要的第一步。新公司已经蓄势待发,将在GulfMark原有的业绩之上为北海地区的业务复苏做出贡献。新公司将在全球开拓业务,通过对船舶运力的重新配置,为大型的规模型经济体,为本公司船队的优化使用创造良机。”GulfMark董事长兼CEO Quintin Kneen如是评价。
Tidewater, GulfMark Merger to Create Largest OSV Fleet
The US-based companies Tidewater and GulfMark Offshore have received the green light from their boards of directors to merge.
The merger, if realized, would create a global offshore support vessel (OSV) leader with the industry’s largest fleet of 245 vessels.
The USD 1.25 billion combined company will be operated under the Tidewater brand, with the transaction expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2018, subject to relevant conditions.
As explained, the merged company would capitalize on significant cost synergies and growth opportunities as the OSV sector recovery gains traction. It would produce transaction-related cost synergies of approximately USD 30 million, which are expected to be realized no later than Q4 2019, the duo said in a statement.
“By combining our fleets and shore-based activities we will be better able to provide customers with access to modern, high-specification vessels while maintaining a strong commitment to safe operations and superior, cost-effective customer service. The transaction preserves Tidewater’s strong financial profile and allows the company to fund both organic growth and possible additional acquisitions,” John Rynd, Tidewater President and CEO said.
“At GulfMark, we have been longstanding advocates for consolidation of the OSV industry. This transaction is an important first step in that process. The combined company will be better positioned to build upon GulfMark’s strong track record in the recovering North Sea region. The combined company’s global operating footprint also provides scope for significant scale-based economies and improved utilization of our fleet by redeploying under-utilized vessels across the combined company’s broader operating footprint,” Quintin Kneen, GulfMark President and CEO, commented.
GulfMark stockholders will receive 1,100 shares of Tidewater common stock for each share of GulfMark common stock held by them. Each GulfMark noteholder warrant will be automatically converted into the right to receive 1,100 Tidewater shares.
Collectively, these GulfMark security holders will beneficially own 27% ownership of the combined company after completion of the combination. Value to GulfMark equity holders is approximately USD 340 million.
Concurrent with the closing, USD 100 million of existing GulfMark debt is expected to be repaid.