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GTT与Dongsung Finetec签署谅解备忘录

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GTT与Dongsung Finetec签署谅解备忘录

来源:Vessel Finder 2018-10-17

翻译:国际海事信息网 黄子倩 张运鸿
        本周二,巴黎召开了法韩商业领袖峰会,韩国总统文在寅与法国经济和财政部长布鲁诺·勒梅尔出席了本次峰会。峰会期间,GTT和主营热绝缘业务的韩国企业Dongsung Finetec签署了协议备忘录(谅解备忘录),以便将GTT公司的LNG Brick®技术商业化。
        作为一种燃油应用,GTT和Dongsung Finetec希望能够推广这种具有创新性且前景可观的LNG Brick®设备。Dongsung Finetec负责最终的制造生产,该设备会配备到众多类型的商船上,例如集装箱船、散货船和PCTC(汽车滚装船)。
       GTT和Dongsung Finetec对液化天然气(LNG)作为船用燃料油的市场前景见解相同。2020年1月,全球限硫令(”Global Sulphur Cap”)就将生效,两家公司需要将全球海域硫排放量控制在0.5%,再考虑到LNG市场较为稳定的经济情况,两家公司均认为LNG动力船的市场前景十分乐观。
        GTT在其综合燃料舱技术,特别是Mark III技术上研发了LNG Brick®技术,LNG燃料舱容积小于3000立方米,在LNG动力船的新兴市场上提供了一种十分经济又颇具竞争力的选择。
       在签约仪式上,GTT董事长兼CEO Philippe Berterottière表示:“发展LNG作为船用燃料是GTT的大好机会。我们很高兴和Dongsung Finetec合作,在LNGC领域我们已经合作多年。”
        Dongsung Finetec的总裁兼CEO柳先生(Mr. Ryu)表示:“对于LNG市场来说,利用LNG Brick®技术使LNG成为船用燃油是一个巨大的突破,我们很高兴在此时机和法国能源公司GTT合作。”
GTT and Dongsung Finetec Sign a Memorandum of Understanding
GTT and Dongsung Finetec, Korean company specialised in thermal insulation, have signed Tuesday a memorandum agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) in order to commercialise GTT’s LNG Brick® technology, during the France-Korea Business Leaders’ Summit taking place in Paris in attendance of Mr. Moon Jae-In, the President of the Republic of Korea and Mr. Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Economy and Finance.  
GTT and Dongsung Finetec wish to promote the innovative and promising LNG Brick® for LNG as fuel application. LNG Brick® will eventually be built by Dongsung Finetec and will be outfitted on a large range of commercial vessels such as container vessels, bulk carriers and PCTC.
GTT and Dongsung Finetec share the same understanding and analysis regarding the perspectives for the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as marine fuel market. With the entry into force of the “Global Sulphur Cap” in January 2020, limiting Sulphur emissions to 0.5% throughout the whole world seas and considering the solid economics of LNG, the two companies consider this new market of LNG fuelled vessels as very promising.
GTT has developed the LNG Brick® technology based on its integrated tank techniques and notably its Mark III technology to offer a cost effective and competitive solution to this new market with an LNG fuel tank capacity below 3,000 m3. Dongsung Finetec has been closely associated in its industrialisation through the construction of a prototype.
During the signature ceremony, Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO of GTT, declared: “It is a great occasion for GTT to contribute to the development of LNG as marine fuel and we are delighted to do it in partnership with Dongsung Finetec with whom we have been collaborating since numerous years on the LNGC market.”
Mr Ryu, President and CEO of Dongsung Finetec said: “It is a great leap to materialise LNG Brick® for the market of LNG as marine fuel and we are pleased to cooperate with GTT, a French engineering company, on this new opportunity.”