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来源: World Maritime News 2019-03-28
翻译:国际海事信息网 王雅媛 张运鸿
       GasLog是与JERA的主要LNG运输实体LNG Maritime Transport Limited签订的这份协议。
       根据2018年3月签订的合同,这艘船将于2020年4月从韩国三星重工(Samsung Heavy Industries)交付。
       该Mark III Flex Plus型18万立方米的LNG运输船将采用低压二冲程推进。GasLog表示,此次租船的租金费率与中期费率是一致的。
       GasLog首席执行官Paul Wogan表示:“在过去的一周里,我们分别与JERA和Endesa, S.A.这两家高质量新客户签订了在建新船的租约合同。”
       在与JERA的12年租约开始后,GasLog Partners将有权根据GasLog和GasLog Partners之间的综合协议收购该船(船体编号2274)。因此,GasLog Partners潜在的LNG运输船船队将增加到13艘,平均租赁期限为5年或更长。
GasLog Enters 12-Year LNG Carrier Charter with Japan’s JERA
Monaco-based LNG carrier owner and operator GasLog has entered into a 12-year fixed-term charter with Japan’s JERA for a newbuild LNG carrier.
GasLog signed the agreement with LNG Marine Transport Limited, the principal LNG shipping entity of JERA.
The vessel is scheduled for an April 2020 delivery from South Korea’s Samsung Heavy Industries under a contract from March 2018.
The 180,000 cubic meter Mark III Flex Plus design will feature low pressure two stroke propulsion. GasLog said the rate of hire for the charter was in line with mid-cycle rates.
“Within the last week we have announced new charters for our uncommitted newbuilds to two very high-quality new customers in JERA and Endesa, S.A.,” Paul Wogan, CEO of GasLog, stated.
“We have now ordered and fixed seven newbuild vessels on long-term contracts with four high-quality counterparties since our April 2018 investor day.”
Following the start of the 12-year charter to JERA, GasLog Partners will have the right to acquire the carrier (hull 2274) pursuant to the omnibus agreement between GasLog and GasLog Partners. As a result, GasLog Partners’ potential dropdown pipeline will increase to 13 LNG carriers with charter length of five years or longer.