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翻译:国际海事信息网 黄子倩 张运鸿
        在意大利巴勒莫,ALE完成了两艘邮轮的加长工程,使其成为世界上最长的两艘邮轮。“Grimaldi Roma”号(参见应用CruiseMapper)和“Grimaldi Barcelona”号都在繁忙的奇维塔维基亚-巴塞罗那航线上运营,船舶加长增加了其运力。
        ALE利用其滑移和船舶运输(shipyard transportation)方面的专长,为邮轮安装了新的分段,将每艘船延长了30米,使其完工后长度达到约255米。由于这两艘邮轮相似,船舶试验可以使用相同的专业重型起重设备。
        每艘船的船舶中段均长30米,重2540吨,从船厂的组立装配区(assembly area)运出。滑靴(skid shoe)安装在三条滑道(slip line)上,一条居中,两条分列两侧。长达225米,重10500吨的艏部分段滑移45米。
        ALE全球项目部主管(Global Projects Division Director)Filippo Anello解释道:“我们利用在其他地区的相似经验,首次在意大利完成了这类项目。”
        ALE优化了他们的设备,部署了滑靴,载荷在500吨-1000吨不等,以及96轴线SPMT,4 x 2 file 24。
        “Grimaldi Roma”号和“Grimaldi Barcelona”号(参见应用CruiseMapper)作为姐妹邮轮分别建于2007年和2008年。在加长后,每艘船现在额外有600米来放置重型车辆,新客舱内增加了80个卧铺,另设两个新的公共空间。
ALE: World’s longest cruise ships lengthened at a shipyard in Italy
In Palermo, Italy, ALE completed the lengthening of two vessels to make them the longest cruise ships in the world. The Grimaldi Roma (see also CruiseMapper) and Grimaldi Barcelona operate on the busy Civitavecchia-Barcelona route and the lengthening has provided them both with increased capacity.
ALE used its skidding and shipyard transportation expertise to install new sections and successfully lengthen each ship by 30m, taking them to around 255m once complete. As both cruise ships were similar, the manoeuvres could be carried out using the same specialist heavy lifting procedure.
In each case, the new middle section, measuring 30m long and weighing 2,540t, was transported from an assembly area within the shipyard. The skid shoes were installed in three slip lines, one central and two lateral. Then the bow section, measuring 225m long and weighing 10,500t, was skidded 45m.
Afterwards, the intermediate section was transported to its final position to be joined with the aft section. Finally, the bow was skidded to be joined to the new section. In consideration of the sheer size and weight of the sections, ALE opted for lateral skidding to ensure stability throughout.
“We used our experience from similar operations around the world to complete this kind of project for the first time in the country,” explained Filippo Anello, Global Projects Division Director for ALE.
“By working closely with the client, applying our knowledge and a tailored engineering solution in this way, it represents a major milestone for ALE in this sector and demonstrates our commitment to providing specialist heavy-lifting services to our clients in Italy with the potential to utilise these methods on other projects.”
ALE optimised their equipment fleet and deployed skid shoes, varying from 500t – 1,000t capacity, along with 96 axle lines of SPMT in a configuration of 4 x 2 file 24.
The Grimaldi Roma and Grimaldi Barcelona (see also CruiseMapper) are two sister ships that were built in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Following the lengthening, each ship now has 600 additional linear meters for heavy vehicles, capacity for an extra 80 sleeping berths in new passenger cabins and two new public spaces.