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“Silver Moon”号在芬坎蒂尼船厂下水

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“Silver Moon”号在芬坎蒂尼船厂下水

来源:Marine Link 2019-09-13
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       近期,意大利船厂芬坎蒂尼(Fincantieri)建造的“Silver Moon”号已成功下水,这是为银海邮轮(Silversea Cruises)建造的三艘Muse级系列邮轮中的第二艘。
       银海邮轮董事长Manfredi Lefebvre d’ovidio等人出席了仪式,安科纳船厂董事Giovanni Stecconi代表芬坎蒂尼出席了仪式。
       此次下水仪式的邮轮教母是船厂集团的员工Roberta Bonisiol小姐。 
       “Silver Moon”将与于2017年入海的“Silver Muse”号和预计于2021年交付的“Silver Dawn”号成为姊妹船。该船总吨位达40700吨,可容纳596名乘客,她将秉承银海邮轮一贯的体验风格,为旅客提供足够的私密空间和宽敞的全套房服务。
       在所有记号中,“Green star 3 Design”记号尤为突出,这表示该艘新船的设计、建造及装备均是为了防止空气污染和水污染。此外,根据船上测量的噪音水准,该船还具有”COMF-NOISE A PAX”记号和“COMF-NOISE B CREW”记号。
Silver Moon Launched at Fincantieri
Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri has launched Silver Moon, the second of three Muse-class ships to be built for Silversea Cruises.
The new ultra-luxury cruise ship was launched on August 29 at Fincantieri’s Ancona yard and is set to enter the ship owner’s fleet in 2020.
The ceremony was attended, among others, by Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio, Chairman of Silversea, while Fincantieri was represented by Giovanni Stecconi, Ancona Shipyard Director.
The godmother of the ceremony was Miss Roberta Bonisiol, an employee of the shipbuilding group.
“Silver Moon” will be a sister ship of “Silver Muse”, which took the sea in 2017, and of “Silver Dawn” due to delivery in 2021. At 40,700 gross tons and with a capacity to accommodate 596 passengers on board, she will maintain the small-ship intimacy and spacious all-suite accommodations which are hallmarks of the Silversea experience.
The new build will be the ninth ship in Silversea’s fleet. Once operating, she will significantly raise the bar in the ultra-luxury segment with a wealth of enhancements to the on board experience, while satisfying the uncompromising requirements for comfort, service, and quality of the world's most discerning travelers.
Among the notations of the ship, the “Green star 3 Design” stands out. It is assigned to units that are designed, built and equipped in order to prevent air and water pollution. Furthermore, the “COMF-NOISE A PAX” and “COMF-NOISE B CREW” are assigned on the basis of the noise levels measured on the ship.