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来源:Marine Link 2019-09-23
翻译:国际海事信息网 王雅媛 张运鸿
       印度最大造船和维护企业科钦造船有限公司(Cochin Shipyard Limited,CSL)为印度喀拉拉邦政府渔业部建造的海上救护船举行了龙骨铺设仪式。
       喀拉拉邦政府渔业部部长 J Mercykutty Amma女士在CSL举办的此次活动中担任主持。
       在国家渔业部、BPCL(印度巴拉特石油公司)和印度船级社(Indian Register of Shipping)高级官员的出席见证下,三艘海上救护船系列的第一艘正式开始建造。 CSL的董事和员工也出席了仪式。
       这些救护船的长度约为22.5米,宽约为6.0米,最高航速为14节。由CSL公司自行设计的现代化船舶将具有高质量和高燃油效率。 在金奈印度理工学院(IIT)进行的CFD分析和模拟测试进一步优化了燃油效率和动力需求。为了改善工效学和布局,整个船的三维模型目前已经在室内完成。 
       船只将能够容纳两名病人,以及包括辅助医务人员在内的7名工作人员。 救护船还将配有各种辅助医疗设施,如检查和护理室、医疗床、太平间冷冻室、冰箱和医疗柜。 船上的Jason's cradle还能安全帮助从海里营救伤员。
CSL to Build Marine Ambulance Boats
Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL), the largest shipbuilding and maintenance facility in India, announced the Keel Laying ceremony of Marine Ambulance boats being built for the Department of Fisheries, Government of Kerala.
Mrs. J Mercykutty Amma,  Minister of Fisheries, Government of Kerala did the honours in a function held at CSL.
The formal start of construction of the first of the series of three marine ambulance boats was carried out in the presence of senior officials from State Fisheries Department, BPCL and Indian Register of Shipping. The directors and employees of CSL were also present during the ceremony.
 The Minister appreciated the fact that the technical capabilities of CSL that is normally utilized for large size Defence & Commercial sectors is now available for the service of the domestic & local segment as well.
These Ambulance Boats have an approximate length of 22.5 Mtr, beam size of about 6.0 Mtr and a maximum speed of 14 knots. The modern vessel, designed in-house by CSL will be of high quality and fuel efficient. CFD analysis and Model Test at IIT Chennai was done to optimize fuel efficiency and firming up the power requirement. 3-D Modelling of the entire boat has been done in-house to improve ergonomics and lay-out.
The vessel will be able to accommodate Two  patients and will have a crew capacity of 7, including the paramedical staff. The vessel will also have various paramedical facilities like examination and nursing room, medical beds, mortuary freezer, refrigerator and medical lockers. There will be a Jason’s cradle to safely rescue people from sea.
Marine ambulances will be used for the rescue and instant treatment to the marine fishermen in distress as well as for normal patrolling. The vessels are due for delivery in early 2020.