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       A&P集团决定从仅提供可再生能源的Haven Power公司购买能源,并称其是实现这一目标的最新举措。
       A&P集团(Atlantic and Peninsula Marine Services Limited)总经理说:“为了改善环境,我们决定未来只向使用可再生能源的公司购买能源。好处不言自明。风能、太阳能和水能等能源是自然能源,与化石燃料不同的是,这些能源永不枯竭。”
A&P Group Now Works on Renewables Only
The global ship repair, conversion and fabrication specialist A&P Group is now using 100% renewable energy across all three of its facilities as it aims to improve its green credentials and meet Government targets.
The UK-based A&P Group with three shipyards located in Hebburn, Middlesbrough and Falmouth said it is committed to improving the sustainability of its services and reducing carbon emissions to ensure it meets UK Government’s legal requirement of bringing all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.
A&P Group’s decision to buy its energy from Haven Power, a company which only supplies energy from a renewable source, is the latest measure to help achieve this goal, it said.
“Along with a determination to help improve our environment, we made the decision to buy our future energy only from companies that supplied energy from a renewable source,” said David McGinley, Managing Director of Atlantic and Peninsula Marine Services Limited. “The benefits speak for themselves. Energy such as wind energy, solar energy and waterpower are generated from natural energy sources and unlike fossil fuels these sources never run out.”
In addition to this latest measure, in 2015, A&P’s three sites completed the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) - a government initiative to promote energy efficiency in large businesses. The scheme was designed to increase industry’s awareness of energy consumption and make it easier for businesses to take action, lower their energy bills and lower the rate of carbon emissions across the UK.
A&P Group reports its energy and carbon emissions, along with any efficiency measures taken, on a yearly basis to ensure it is meeting sustainability targets.
A&P Group also helps to sustain the renewable energy sector by providing fabrication, marine and port services to the offshore wind and tidal sectors from its facilities in the North East and South West of England.