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马士基油轮将接管Team Tankers旗下船队

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马士基油轮将接管Team Tankers旗下船队

来源:World Maritime News 2020-03-17

翻译:国际海事信息网 黄子倩 张运鸿
        丹麦马士基油轮(Maersk Tankers)与化学品船船东和运营商Team Tankers International达成协议,接手后者旗下27艘油轮的商业管理,并新建两个联营池。
        27艘油轮中,9艘为13000吨油船,4艘为灵便型油船(25,000 DWT),14艘为MR型油轮(46-49,000 DWT)。
        另外,Team Tankers可利用马士基油轮的数字技术进行商业管理,有效减少二氧化碳排放,提升合伙人收益(partner returns)。
        根据计划,Team Tankers的运营部门、租船部门、燃料管理部门的办公人员将迁至马士基油轮位于哥本哈根、休斯顿和新加坡的办公室。
        Team Tankers International的总裁兼CEO汉斯·费林加(Hans Feringa)表示:“这次合作极大地扩充了我们的油轮船队规模。”
        此外,Team Tankers还宣布与船舶管理公司V.Group成立合资公司。
        Team Tankers已有21艘船接受V.Group的技术管理。
        Team Tankers计划将其内部管理的船队(in-house managed fleet)(包括10艘MR型油轮和2艘25000载重吨的涂层化学品船),连同岸上技术部门和航海部门转交给合资公司管理。
        根据协议,合资公司名为Dania Ship Management AS Denmark,其中Team Tankers持股30%,V.Group持股70%,总部继续设在哥本哈根。
        Team Tankers表示:“Team Tankers可以使用V.Group开发的世界领先的IT系统ShipSure来增加安全性和效率,合资公司也可以利用V.Group的规模来为Team Tankers提供采购优势。”
        “新成立的合资公司会确保Team Tankers岸上和船上的管理完全且无缝过渡,管理人员和船员不会更换,船队的管理统一度会得到提升。”
Team Tankers in Fleet Management Deals with Maersk Tankers, V.Group
Danish Maersk Tankers has entered into a deal with chemical tanker owner and operator Team Tankers International to take over the commercial management of its 27 tankers and establish two new pools.
For Maersk Tankers the agreement will increase its fleet under management to more than 225 vessels across a range of different segments, cementing its position in the Medium-Range (MR) segment, where it manages a pool jointly with Cargill.
Out of the 27 tankers, nine are 13,000-tonners, four are Flexis (25,000 DWT) and 14 are MR tankers (46-49,000 DWT).
On the other hand, Team Tankers will gain access to Maersk Tankers’ digital approach to commercial management, with its strong emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions and improving partner returns.
It is planned for the employees within Operations, Chartering and Bunker Management to transfer from Team Tankers to Maersk Tankers’ offices in Copenhagen, Houston, and Singapore.
“The cooperation is a further step towards building scale for our tanker fleet,” says Hans Feringa, President & CEO at Team Tankers International.
“We believe the timing of the cooperation is good as the medium and longer-term outlook for the product and chemical tanker market is positive, and the order book is at a historically low level.”
The cooperation is set to start on April 1, 2020, and the vessels are planned to enter the pool during the following months.
Separately, Team Tankers announced a new joint venture with ship management specialist V.Group.
The company already has 21 ships with V.Group for technical management.
Namely, Team plans to transfer its in-house managed fleet, consisting of ten MRs and two 25k coated vessels, to the JV, along with its onshore technical organization and seafaring expertise.
Under the terms of the agreement, Team will own 30% and V.Group 70% of the JV, Dania Ship Management AS Denmark, which will continue to be based in Copenhagen.
“Team will have access to the groundbreaking IT system ShipSure developed by V.Group that will enhance safety and efficiency, and the JV will also provide procurement advantages to Team from the scale of V.Group,” Team Tankers said.
“The JV will ensure full and seamless continuity of management for Team both ashore and on board our ships with the same staff, officers and crew whilst promoting uniformity of management within Team’s fleet.”
The start date for the joint venture is also April 1st, 2020.