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来源:Offshore Energy 2020-12-25

翻译:国际海事信息网 黄子倩 张运鸿
        五家韩国集装箱航运公司正在建立韩国海事联盟(Korean Maritime Movement Alliance, 简称K-Alliance)以提升在东南亚地区的竞争力,增强成本协同效应(cost synergies)。
        韩国海洋与渔业部(Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries,简称MOF)、韩国航运促进公司(Korea Maritime Promotion Corporation)、森罗商船(SM Line)、现代商船(HMM)、长锦商船(Sinokor Merchant Marine)、泛洋海运(Pan Ocean)和兴亚海运(Heung-A Shipping)联合达成基础协议,将建立韩国国内首个航运联盟。
        根据消息,协议旨在在韩国海洋与渔业部(Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries,简称MOF)、韩国航运促进公司(Korea Maritime Promotion Corporation)设定的计划内加强国内班轮公司之间的合作,增强国内航运企业在东南亚这一高增长潜力地区的竞争力。
        根据韩国海洋与渔业部(Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries)的数据来看,韩国集装箱航运企业市场占有率为40%,韩国-东南亚航线运力为19万TEU,该航线总运力为48万TEU。然而,因全球航运公司“急剧扩张”,韩国的市场份额正在下降。
        韩国海洋与渔业部(Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries)补充道,其余六家航运公司可能会在未来中长期内加入K-Alliance。
        未来,K-Alliance也会寻求与亚洲其它航运公司、全球集装箱航运联盟(如THE Alliance)的合作。
South Korea: Five shipping companies form alliance
Five South Korean container shipping companies are establishing the Korean Maritime Movement Alliance (K-Alliance) in an effort to strengthen competitiveness in Southeast Asia and achieve cost synergies.
The country’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF), Korea Maritime Promotion Corporation, and five carriers including SM Line, HMM, Sinokor Merchant Marine (known as Janggeum Merchant Marine), Pan Ocean and Heung-A Shipping have reached a basic agreement to create the first national shipping alliance.
Due to COVID-19 related restrictions, the signing ceremony was held virtually on 23 December 2020.
As informed, the agreement aims to reinforce cooperation between national liner companies within the alliance scheme proposed by MOF and Korea Ocean Business Corporation (KOBC) and strengthen the competitiveness of national carriers in Southeast Asia where growth potential is said to be high.
It is one of several initiatives of the Korean government aimed at supporting and rebuilding the shipping industry following the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping.
According to MOF, domestic container shipping companies have a combined market share of 40 per cent or about 190,000 TEUs on the South Korea – Southeast Asia route out of a total capacity of 480,000 TEU. However, their market share has been declining due to ‘aggressive expansion’ of global shipping companies.
Specifically, the cooperation of the five companies will be based on fleet sharing arrangements, the reduction of the number of redundant vessels and vessel calls as well as the opening of new routes. This is expected to result in cost savings and improved quality of service. Moreover, the alliance partners will be able to jointly order and deploy eco-friendly ships and to jointly use port facilities and containers.
The remaining six Korean carriers may join the K-Alliance in the mid to long term, MOF added.
In the future, the alliance will also seek to cooperate with other shipping companies in Asia as well as global container shipping alliances such as THE Alliance.
The K-Alliance is scheduled to officially start operation in the second quarter of 2021.