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来源:Offshore Energy 2021-03-01

翻译:国际海事信息网 黄子倩 张运鸿
        新加坡海事及港口管理局(Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, MPA, 下称新加坡港)向道达尔船用燃油公司(Total Marine Fuels)颁发LNG燃料供应商许可证(LNG bunker supplier license)。这是新加坡港颁发的第三张许可证。
        道达尔船用燃油公司(Total Marine Fuels)是法国石油巨头道达尔旗下子公司。此前新加坡港先后向FueLNG和Pavilion Energy两家公司颁发了许可证,以刺激燃油需求,提升新加坡的燃油加注量。
        为满足新加坡对船用LNG燃料的增长需求,新加坡港于2020年10月28日向有意在新加坡港提供燃料加注的供应商发布了项目需求建议书(Request for Proposal)。目前,新加坡港的LNG燃料供应能力已达到100万吨/年。
        道达尔船用燃油公司(Total Marine Fuels)副总裁杰罗姆·勒普兰斯·林盖(Jérôme Leprince-Ringuet)在评论获得许可证一事时表示:“LNG是减少航运企业碳排放的最快最佳燃料。它也让碳中和生物LNG(Bio-LNG)和合成甲烷成为了可能。”
        新加坡海事及港口管理局(Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, MPA,下称新加坡港)将继续与有关各方合作,在新加坡港开发燃油加注环保系统(bunkering ecosystem),加速向可持续未来转型。
Total granted LNG bunkering license in Singapore
The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) said it has granted its third LNG bunker supplier license to Total Marine Fuels.
The port authority noted in a statement that the license is for a five-year term starting January 1, 2022.
Total Marine Fuels, a unit of the French major Total, has been added to the existing licensees, FueLNG and Pavilion Energy to drive demand and grow LNG bunkering volumes in Singapore.
In planning ahead to meet the region’s growing demand for LNG as a marine fuel, MPA issued a Request for Proposal on 28 October 2020 for parties seeking to supply LNG bunker in the Port of Singapore. It currently has an LNG bunker supply capacity of up to one million tonnes per annum.
Commenting on the license award, Jérôme Leprince-Ringuet, vice-president, Marine Fuels, Total, said, “LNG is the best, immediately available solution to reduce our shipping customers’ carbon footprint and it paves the way towards carbon-neutral bioLNG and synthetic methane.”
It was further noted that MPA will continue to work with interested parties on growing the bunkering ecosystem in the Port of Singapore and drive the transition to a more sustainable future.