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Star Shipping拆分成两个公司 Star Shipping splits

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Star Shipping, which has a fleet mainly including open hatch and conventional bulk carriers, is to be split into two companies following a difference of opinion between the joint owners Masterbulk (Westfal-Larsen) and Grieg.

A statement says: “Westfal-Larsen, through the Singapore subsidiary Masterbulk, and Grieg have shared a strong and profitable cooperation over several years in Star Shipping, but have recently had diverging views with regards to the company’s future strategy. The split of Star Shipping’s operations into two companies is a necessary consequence of this. In addition, the currently favourable market situation has made today’s decision possible.”

“Star Shipping is a success story and the global market leader in its segment, a position to which both owners have contributed strongly”, said Ragnar Nielsen of Masterbulk, and Camilla and Elisabeth Grieg of Grieg Group. “Now, however, is the time to pursue future success under separate flags.”

They added: “The time has come to develop Star Shipping along two separate paths, each building on the best of our achievements. Both parties believe strongly in the company’s concept, which they plan to develop within separate strategies and structures. The open hatch division will be divided geographically between the two owners, according to established sailing routes. Grieg will in addition take over the conventional bulk division.”

Masterbulk will take over Star’s main office location and will continue the cooperation in Bergen by marketing its 19 Open Hatch ships and 3 ships currently under construction, under the name of Westfal-Larsen Shipping.

Westfal-Larsen is currently marketing its 5 chemical tankers through the wholly-owned company Westchart and is expanding this part of operations with 6 chemical tankers currently under construction for delivery in 2009, as well as 2 new contracts signed last week, for delivery in 2011.

来源:Global Maritime Net