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Bitay Lacson重新引导航运巨头 Bitay Lacson is back to steer shipping giant

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Daniel "Bitay" Lacson, who steered the family-owned Negros Navigation Co. (Nenaco) for years until it sold out to Metro Pacific and ran aground in 2004 due to financial difficulties, will soon be back at the helm of the shipping industry. The grapevine said Bitay, by a quirk of fate, will shortly join Aboitiz Transport System Corp. as its new president, replacing Endika Aboitiz, who will assume the chairmanship of the company during a transition period.

A source said Aboitiz Equity Ventures sold Aboitiz Transport "lock, stock and barrel" to a Dutch-Kuwaiti company for P5 billion in order to raise funds for its heavy foray into the power industry.

"It was a good offer and Aboitiz Equity saw it as an opportunity to get out of the shipping industry and focus more on the power sector, where it expects to bid for more government assets up for sale," the source told this writer. "But management will stay with the Aboitiz group in the meantime during a transition period," he adds. The grapevine said KGLI-NM Holdings Inc. was not into the local shipping and cargo business and asked the Aboitiz management to stay for a while until the new owners had familiarized themselves with Aboitiz Transport's diversified operations.

Aboitiz Transport, which is mainly engaged in transporting people and cargos, operates under the brand names "SuperFerry," "SuperCat" and "Cebu Ferries" and "2GO." Its cargo movement services include containerization, RoRo services, logistics and supply chain solutions. The company also provides ship management and manpower solutions worldwide under the Aboitiz-Jebsen group of companies.

Separate operations

The source said the Dutch-Kuwaiti company would likely operate Aboitiz Transport separately from Nenaco, which Metro Pacific Corp. took over and later sold to KGLI-NM Holdings Inc. Thus, Nenaco will continue to be run by Sulficio Tagud as a separate business entity. Tagud is chairman of Negros Holdings and Management Corp., the local company that owns 60 percent of KGLI-NM Holdings. KGLI Investment BV of the Netherlands, owned by KGL Investment Co. of Kuwait, holds 40 percent of the shares of the Aboitiz Transport buyer.

Bitay's ascension to the super shipping company will end years of frustration after losing control of Nenaco to Metro Pacific and the big banks. He contented himself at one time as chairman of the Nenaco rehabilitation committee, whose members included Manuel Pangilinan, or MVP, banker Edward Go, Metro Pacific chief executive Jose Ma. Lim and then Nenaco president and chief executive Condrado Carballo.

Nenaco's troubles reached its height in March 2004 when Tsuneishi Heavy Industries, whose business partner was the Aboitiz group, filed a collection case against the shipping company. The Tsuneishi claim compounded the financial difficulties of Nenaco, leading to its corporate rehabilitation and eventual sale to the current owners.

It's a strange setup but Bitay will have the same Aboitiz group as his temporary partner in Aboitiz Transport