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Shipping Plunged in September 航运在九月狂跌

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A key measure of U.S. freight shipping showed its sharpest drop of the year so far in September, plunging 16.6 percent to its lowest point in nearly five years.

The decline in the Cass Information Systems Freight Index from September 2007 was the fourth straight double-digit drop in the monthly measure of shipments and sent a strong signal that shippers are scaling back in the face of a weak U.S. economy.

The index also declined 4.2 percent from August to September, a relatively rare month-to-month retreat at a time when shippers usually are ramping up deliveries for the fall.

The index of 1.080 for shipments was the weakest in any single month since January 2004.

The separate Cass index for freight transportation spending also retreated, falling 1.5 percent compared to last year. The measure remained flat from August to September.