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韩国做好了充分准备应对金融风暴 Korea “well prepared” for economic storm

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SOUTH KOREA'S vice minister responsible for maritime affairs, Lee Jae-Gyoon, has admitted that the current economic downturn has hit harder than forecast but insisted that Korea is well prepared to weather the storm. Speaking at last week’s inaugural Seoul International Maritime and Shipbuilding conference Mr Lee outlined several new government initiatives including plans to further improve the technical and design standards for ships, strengthening safety management systems, an enhanced focus on environmental issues, heightened collision damage compensation and actions to help reduce global piracy.

Falling freight rates provided a theme that was taken up by many of the conference speakers. Some thought that oil and commodity prices would stabilise in 2010 but that the growth of the world fleet would necessarily slow down as ship recycling started up again. The financial squeeze might, some said, make older ships more economic due to lesser financing requirements which could lead to a general shift in the age profile of the fleet. Others thought that it would be the older vessels that were more likely to be scrapped as global demand diminished.

The recent boom years had driven vessels and crews to work much harder but recently, according to some speakers, there had been a reduction in collisions, groundings and other human element induced incidents leading many to believe that these would continue to fall as the pressure eased. It was also argued that human error was the root cause of 80% of insurance claims and that these were also likely to reduce as less than scrupulous owners would no longer need to send ships to sea with ill-trained, inexperienced or undermanned crews. At the same time, more focus could be given to improving the working life of the seafarers including better on-board accommodation, improved shore access and measures to reduce crew fatigue.

The event was organised by the Korean Register of Shipping whose chairman Oh Kong-Gyun said “Korea remains the world’s premier shipbuilding nation and one of the top global ship-operating countries. The core role of the Korean Register is to ensure the safety of vessels at sea and the protection of the maritime environment and this important conference has provided a forum to advance those aims. It has allowed us to give a much stronger voice to the Asian shipping community and to bring together leading representatives from shipping companies, yards and class from both Asia and Europe. Such has been the success of this conference that I am pleased to announce that it will become an annual fixture in KR’s calendar”

来源:Global Maritime Net