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(Face Clause) SHIPPED on board the Vessel, the Goods, or packages said to contain the cargo described
below, in apparent good order and condition unless otherwise indicated herein, to be carried to the port of
discharge or such port or place as selected by the Carrier under the terms and conditions of this Bill of Lading,
with or without transhipment, as the Vessel and/or other connecting conveyances may safely get, and to be
delivered there in like order and condition unto order or assigns, subject to the terms, conditions and
exceptions on the face and back hereof.
If required by the Carrier, this Bill of Lading duly endorsed must be surrendered in exchange for the Goods or
delivery order.
In accepting this Bill of Lading, the Merchant agrees to be bound by all the stipulations, exceptions, terms and
conditions on the face and back hereof, whether written, typed, stamped or printed, as fully as if signed by the
Merchant, any local custom or privilege to the contrary notwithstanding and agrees that all agreements or
freight engagements for and in connection with the carriage of the Goods are superseded by this Bill of Lading
In witness whereof, the undersigned, on behalf of Nippon Yusen Kaisha, the Master and the owner of the
Vessel, has signed the number of Bill(s) of Lading stated below, all of this tenor and date, one of which being
accomplished, the others to stand void.

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