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        该联盟旨在促进亚洲经巴拿马运河、墨西哥湾至美国途中各沿岸间贸易 。







       “革新我们与巴拿马运河的合作伙伴关系,是我们发展战略的重要组成部分,我们将继续扩大我们的集装箱服务,码头设施和主要市场的连通性,”坦帕港总监Richard Wainio说。“我们的码头拓展的最新阶段现已完成,我们正计划在未来的几年内将码头承载力翻两番。一条新的专用卡车斜坡正在有条不紊地进行建设中,该坡道连接港口和州际公路,以及坦帕网关铁路终端,这将用于佛罗里达州的第一个船坞上作业的专用列车。“




The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) and the Tampa Port Authority (TPA) have renewed a strategic alliance with a renewed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will increase cooperation, such as joint marketing, between the two parties.


The alliance will also seek to boost trade along the all-water route - the route from Asia to the US Gulf Coast via the Panama Canal.


The two entities first signed an MOU in 2005, which was renewed in 2008. The latest agreement is renewable for another five years.


The renewed agreement will also focus on the following areas:


    * Data sharing to forecast future trade flows and market trends

    * Market studies exchange that may benefit either party in future product development or business ventures

    * Sharing of information related to modernisation and improvement projects that serve to benefit business and spur increased demand

    * Technological interchange of advanced technology capabilities and programs to spur cutting-edge initiatives in the shipping and maritime community


"Renewing our partnership with the Panama Canal is an important element of our growth strategy as we continue to expand our container services, facilities and connectivity to major markets," said Tampa Port director Richard Wainio. "The latest phase of our terminal expansion is now complete and we are moving ahead with plans to quadruple capacity over the next few years. Construction of a new dedicated truck ramp connecting the Port and the Interstate highway system is well underway, as well as the Tampa Gateway Rail Terminal which will provide Florida's first on-dock unit train capability."


The Port of Tampa is Florida's largest port for cargo tonnage, and, over the last few years, the Tampa/Central Florida region has emerged as an important distribution centre gateway.


While the TPA continues its terminal modernisation, the Panama Canal's expansion is well underway, with completion expected in 2014. The $5.25 billion project includes the construction of a new set of locks that will allow the transit of longer and wider ships.