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 来源:American Shipper 2018-01-08
翻译:国际海事信息网 姜文杰 张运鸿
      据英国广播公司(BBC)报道,油轮Sanchi周末在中国东海岸附近与一艘名为CF Crystal的货轮相撞,造成一个石油泄漏和32名人员失踪。
      中国运输部在一份声明中表示,CF Crystal船上的21名船员获救。不过,该部门称:“Sanchi油轮船体起火燃烧,并仍在海上漂浮烧。事发海域发生石油泄漏,我们正在推进救援工作。”
      海洋学家Simon Boxall博士对BBC说:“这次石油泄漏影响非常严重。” “总共有136,000公吨的石油会泄露在海洋中,而这将会使它成为有史以来的十大泄漏事件,所以影响非同小可。唯一积极的一面是,目前,风力将油料留在海上,到达岸边的机会相当渺茫,但我们在这里看到大量的石油,该地区的水深只有50米到60米,所以对附近地区的影响难以预测。”
Cargo ship, oil tanker collide near Shanghai
The oil tanker Sanchi collided with the cargo ship CF Crystal off China's east coast near Shanghai over the weekend, resulting in an oil slick and 32 missing people, BBC reported.
The 21 crew members of the CF Crystal were rescued, the Chinese ministry of transport said in a statement. However, the ministry said, "Sanchi is floating and burning. There is an oil slick and we are pushing forward with rescue efforts."
Sanchi was carrying 136,000 metric tons of Iranian oil worth $60 million, according to BBC. It is the first major accident involving an Iranian oil tanker since international sanctions limiting the country's oil exports were lifted in January 2016.
"This is a big spill," oceanographer Dr. Simon Boxall told BBC. "Potentially the entire load, 136,000 [metric tons], could end up in the ocean, and that would put this in the top 10 spills of all time, so it is significant. The only positive side is that, at the moment, the winds are keeping the oil offshore. The chances of it reaching the shore are fairly slim. But we are looking at a lot of oil here and the water depth in that area is only about 50m to 60m, so in the immediate area it will have a dramatic impact."