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Oakland approves high-volt line to shorepower docked ships

Author: Posttime:2017-08-22 08:23:50

THE Port of Oakland has commissioned equipment to curb diesel emissions from ships at berth.

The port has approved a high-voltage cable system that will connect more vessels to Oakland's landside power grid, expanding a scheme that has helped cut emissions by 76 per cent since 2009.
"We're continually working to reduce emissions," said port engineering chief Chris Chan. "This is a way to build on our success and extend our reach."
The port said 400 vessels can plug in, but some berths are beyond reach of the power cables.
That's where the terminal's new US$230,000 cable system comes in. Its 10-foot-tall reel is affixed to a trailer. The mobile platform can be deployed alongside any vessel. The cable will connect ships to one of the marine terminal's 18 shorepower electrical vaults.
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