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Maersk Line sets up online platform to rein in booking cancellations

Author: Posttime:2017-12-22 11:04:03

MAERSK Line has rolled out a new online platform for end-to-end freight bookings in a bid to lower the incidence of last-minute booking cancellations.

The platform initially offers services on selected routes in north China, including the ports of Qingdao, Xingang and Dalian, to the east coast of South America, west Africa and the southern part of Africa.
"Customers get more control as bookings trigger equipment and space commitment with Maersk Line. Further, Maersk Line will provide customers compensation should a booking not proceed as planned. A cancellation fee for 'no-shows' from the customers' side is also introduced," the shipping line was cited as saying in a report by American Shipper.
Head of trade management Silvia Ding explained: "We aim to improve our planning and vessel optimisation through this online model. In Asia, our industry is seeing very high no-show ratios for bookings and a huge variation in the no-show ratio from week to week and vessel to vessel. This presents a huge challenge for carriers in delivering a reliable product to the customers."
Ms Ding added: "We believe that by aligning to the best practices of other industries such as airlines, we can over time reduce or eliminate no-shows and enable more predictable and cost-effective service to our customers."
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