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来源:Offshore Energy 2023-08-25
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        Boskalis公司于2023年8月25日(星期五)接收了一艘新船“BOKA Ocean”号。这艘原名“Apache II”号的铺管船当前在鹿特丹进行改装为电缆铺设船的准备工作。

        该船总长136.6米,船宽27米,并设有可容纳 118 人的71 个舱室。这艘2009年建造的“BOKA Ocean”号属于Boskalis公司过去两年里收购的两艘“BOKA Northern Ocean”号和“BOKA Southern Ocean”号的姊妹船。

        Boskalis公司解释说:“这三艘姊妹船的一个独特之处在于,它们的功能都不同于最初的铺管船。‘BOKA Northern Ocean’号和‘BOKA Southern Ocean’号已改装成高端施工支持船,当下正在开展各方面的近海作业活动。同时,‘BOKA Ocean’改装成专业电缆铺设船的工作也在进行中。”




New addition to Boskalis fleet undergoing conversion to cable-laying vessel

Dutch offshore services giant Boskalis has expanded its fleet with a new vessel, which is currently getting ready to be converted from a pipe-laying vessel to a cable-laying one to further enrich its subsea operations offering.

Boskalis welcomed a new vessel, BOKA Ocean, to its fleet on Friday, 25 August 2023. This pipe-laying vessel, formerly named Apache II, is currently being prepared in Rotterdam for modification to a cable-laying vessel.

With an overall length of 136.6 m and breadth of 27 m, the vessel can accommodate 118 people in 71 cabins. The 2009-built BOKA Ocean is a sister vessel of the BOKA Northern Ocean and BOKA Southern Ocean, which Boskalis acquired in the past two years.

“A unique fact about the three sister vessels is that they all have a different function than initially as a pipe-laying vessel. The BOKA Northern Ocean and BOKA Southern Ocean have been modified into high-end construction support vessels that are carrying out a wide range of offshore activities. The BOKA Ocean is being converted into a specialist cable-laying vessel,” explained Boskalis.

The Dutch giant has worked on several projects this year. Most recently, the company wrapped up the removal of over one million barrels of oil from a decaying floating storage offshore (FSO) unit moored off the Red Sea coast of Yemen.

Prior to this, Boskalis’ largest semi-submersible heavy transport vessel completed its first decommissioning project,which enabled it to take a floating production unit (FPU) to a ship recycling facility.