双燃料液化天然气油轮Fairchem Pathfinder完成首次加注作业

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双燃料液化天然气油轮Fairchem Pathfinder完成首次加注作业

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        Fairchem Pathfinder是Fairfield Chemical Carriers公司四艘26000载重吨双燃料液化天然气新建船之一,此前该船已在新加坡完成首次液化天然气加注作业。


        该油轮通过船对船转运的方式从燃料船FuelLNG Bellina接收了总计1390立方米的液化天然气。


        Fairfield表示:“这一成就标志着Fairfield Chemical Carriers和MOL Chemical Tankers的一个重要里程碑,因为我们共同致力于推动海运业脱碳,减少温室气体对大气的有害影响。”


        值得注意的是,这艘26222载重吨IMO 2/3化学品油轮于2024年5月3日由Fukuoka Shipbuilding交付。


        如前所述,该船是加入Fairfield船队的四艘双燃料液化天然气动力不锈钢化学品油轮之一,配备了与其姊妹船Fairchem Pioneer和Fairchem Prestige相同的液化天然气推进技术。


        Fairfield早在2023年就推出了Fairchem Pioneer。当时,ClassNK认证协会给予其A级评级,将其评为“具有高度脱碳、环保性能和创新性的船舶”。


        至于Fairchem Prestige,这艘油轮已于2024年4月下水,预计交付日期为2024年11月。




        Fairfield Chemical Carriers最近被Mitsui O.S.K.Lines(MOL)的子公司MOL Chemical Tankers收购。该收购基于2023年9月底签署的股份转让协议,于2024年3月1日完成。MOL Chemical Tankers公司根据竞争法获得了相关部门的批准,股票的收购价格约为4亿美元。




Fairchem Pathfinder, one of Fairfield Chemical Carriers’ four 26,000 DWT dual-fuel LNG newbuilds, has completed its inaugural LNG bunkering operation in Singapore.


The tanker received a total of 1,390 cubic meters of LNG from the bunker vessel FuelLNG Bellina via a ship-to-ship transfer.


Fairfield stated: “This achievement marks a significant milestone for Fairfield Chemical Carriers and MOL Chemical Tankers as we advance our commitment to decarbonizing the maritime industry and reducing the harmful effects of greenhouse gases (GHGs) on our atmosphere.”


To note, this 26,222 DWT IMO 2/3 chemical tanker was delivered by Fukuoka Shipbuilding on May 3, 2024.


As already mentioned, the vessel is one of the four dual-fuel LNG-powered stainless steel chemical tankers to join Fairfield’s fleet and is equipped with the same LNG propulsion technology as her sister vessels Fairchem Pioneer and Fairchem Prestige.


Fairfield launched the Fairchem Pioneer back in 2023. At the time, the ClassNK certification society gave it an A rating, evaluating it as “the ship with high decarbonisation, environmentally friendly performance, and innovativeness.”


As for Fairchem Prestige, this tanker was launched In April 2024, and its expected delivery date is November 2024.


According to Fairfield, the vessels in these series boast an LNG propulsion technology that could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 25% compared to traditional marine fuels.


Fairfield Chemical Carriers was recently acquired by MOL Chemical Tankers, a subsidiary of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL). The acquisition, completed on March 1, 2024, is based on a share transfer agreement signed at the end of September 2023. The company obtained approval from the relevant authorities under competition law. The acquisition price of the shares was about $400 million.