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来源:Marine Link 2020-08-21
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       这些两头型RoPax客滚渡轮于波兰Remontowa船厂建造。其中,两艘114.4米长,17.7米宽的Norled渡轮将服务Festøya-Solavågen航线,能搭载120辆汽车和296名乘客。另外两艘船将服务Mannheller-Fodnes 航线,载客量更大,最多可搭载395名乘客。
       这四艘渡轮均采用2台SRE 340型肖特尔(SCHOTTEL) EcoPellers舵桨,由柴油电力混合系统驱动,在运输过程中由绿色环保型电池供电。
       船舶采用LMG 120-DEH型设计,主推进为2.1米直径定距螺旋的电驱动SRE 340型SCHOTTEL EcoPellers舵桨。根据制造商的说法,这些推进器可以使新建船在10节的服务航速和12.5节的自由航速下经济运行。
First of Norled's Four New Hybrid Ferries Enters Service
Festøya, the first in a series of four new hybrid ferries due for delivery to Norwegian ferry operator Norled in 2020, entered service in mid-July.
The double-ended RoPax ferries are being built at the Remontowa shipyard in Poland. Two of the 114.4 m long and 17.7 m wide Norled ferries will service the Festøya-Solavågen route and are capable of taking on board up to 120 cars and 296 passengers. The other two vessels will operate the Mannheller-Fodnes route and are certified to carry more, with a maximum of 395 passengers.
The series' final vessel was launched in late July, and the second vessel, Solavågen, started sea trials on August 1.
Each of the four ferries features two SCHOTTEL EcoPellers type SRE 340 powered by a diesel-electric hybrid system and operated by green battery power during transit.
The main propulsion for the LMG 120-DEH design vessels consists of electrically driven SCHOTTEL EcoPellers type SRE 340 with 2.1 m diameter fixed-pitch propellers. According to the manufacturer, these thrusters allow economical operation of the newly built vessels at a service speed of 10 knots and a free running speed of 12.5 knots.
In operating mode, the required power is supplied by two rechargeable battery packs installed on board. A shore charging system, which also includes an automatic mooring system, recharges these batteries from the mains when the vessels are docked. The vessels only use generators, run on 100% biodiesel, in an emergency.