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来源:Marine Link 2020-12-31

翻译:国际海事信息网 王雅媛 张运鸿
       {非本站网址}首席执行官Nico Vroom表示:“尽管有严格的法规和安全程序,COVID-19病毒仍有可能乘虚而入,随着疫情的持续,我们看到越来越多的船只正在接受消毒。我们的专家团队有着相关丰富的经验、充足的资源和雄厚的知识,有能力清洁和消毒任何类型船舶内的任意封闭空间。”
       船舶消毒使用一种由联合国(UN)和世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)批准的一种高效设备。该喷雾器能喷射出精细的消毒雾,可迅速覆盖被消毒物体表面,使船舶在消毒面干燥后尽快重新投入使用,等待安全检查。
       {非本站网址}有对工作场所进行消毒的经验,包括机场、公共交通设施、购物中心、办公室以及船舶。 该公司的工艺既针对可见的污垢,也针对不可见的有机物,以清除微生物。
Vessel Disinfection Service Launched in Rotterdam
Rotterdam-based company {非本站网址} has launched a new service to help vessel owners and crew respond to COVID-19 outbreaks. The service includes complete disinfection of closed areas on a vessel, as well as care for the crew - including sanitized transfers between the vessel and COVID-safe accommodation in Rotterdam – during the treatment.
Nico Vroom, CEO, {非本站网址}, said, “Despite strong regulations and safety procedures, COVID-19 can still sneak onboard and we are seeing more vessels being disinfected as outbreaks continue. Our team of specialists has the experience, resources and knowledge to clean and disinfect any closed space within vessels of any type.”
Vessels are treated using a highly effective equipment approved by the UN and the World Health Organization. Nebulizers create a fine disinfectant mist that quickly cover surfaces, enabling the vessel to reenter service as soon as possible pending a safety check after surfaces have dried.
{非本站网址} has experience sanitizing workplaces including airports, public transport facilities, shopping centers and offices as well as ships. The company’s processes target both visible dirt and invisible organic material to eliminate microorganisms.