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DP World:完成收购乌克兰集装箱码头

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DP World:完成收购乌克兰集装箱码头

来源:Offshore Energy 2020-06-12
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       迪拜港口和码头运营商迪拜环球港务(DP World)完成了对乌克兰尤日内港(Port of Yuzhny)TIS集装箱码头51%股权的收购。
       DP World在满足了包括相关政府部门监管批准在内的各项具体条件后完成了交易。
       根据协议条款,DP World已经获得了多数股权,并将控制码头未来的运营。
       今年早些时候,DP World就已宣布此次收购将是与TIS股东的第二次合作,第一次是子公司P&O Maritime与之的业务合作。该P&O合资公司在乌克兰黑海主要港口提供港口拖航服务。
       据港口运营商表示,新的收购将扩大DP World的业务,并将使TIS集装箱码头成为乌克兰最关键的专用码头之一。2019年,乌克兰的集装箱市场增长逾20%。
       此外,此次收购有望使乌克兰的贸易在经济困难时期更具弹性,因为这让DP World有潜力通过旗下公司Unifeeder的支线网将康斯坦察( Constanta)和亚勒姆贾(Yarimca)的码头与TIS集装箱码头连接起来,从而提供黑海线服务。
       港口运营商DP World补充称,货主将有能力在服务东欧市场的关键贸易航线上战略性地部署货物,同时还能补足DP World在罗马尼亚和土耳其的现有业务组合。
       DP World集团主席兼首席执行官Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem对此发表评论:“随着扩大在乌克兰的全球业务,如今我们迎来了一个充满希望的新时代。此次收购具有里程碑意义,我们感到非常兴奋,这是对我们促进全球贸易这一长期事业的支持。”
       他还表示:“此次收购为DP World建立了一个极具吸引力的市场,我们期待为TIS集装箱码头的持续发展和增长贡献我们的经验、专业知识和资源。”
DP World wraps up acquisition of Ukrainian container terminal
Dubai-based port and terminal operator DP World has completed the acquisition of a 51 per cent stake in TIS Container Terminal in the Port of Yuzhny, Ukraine.
The completion of the transaction comes after DP World satisfied specific conditions including the regulatory approval from the relevant government authorities.
Under the terms of agreement, DP World has acquired the majority stake and will take control of the terminal operations going forward. 
Announced earlier this year, the acquisition will be DP World’s second partnership with TIS shareholders, the first being the P&O Maritime business. The P&O JV provides harbour towage services in the principal Black Sea ports in Ukraine. 
According to the port operator, the new acquisition will expand DP World’s operations as well as strengthen TIS Container Terminal as one of the key purpose-built terminals in Ukraine — the country in which the container market grew over 20 per cent in 2019.
Furthermore, the acquisition is expected to contribute to making Ukraine’s trade more resilient during challenging economic times as it gives DP World the potential to offer a Black Sea product by linking its terminals in Constanta and Yarimca with TIS Container Terminal using its Unifeeder network.
Cargo owners will have the ability to deploy their cargo strategically across essential trade lanes that serve Eastern European markets and complement DP World’s existing portfolio in Romania and Turkey, the port operator added.
“Today ushers in a new and promising era, as we expand our global portfolio in Ukraine. We are excited about this important milestone and this acquisition supports our long-lasting commitment to enabling global trade,”  Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Group Chairman and CEO of DP World, commented.
“This acquisition establishes DP World in a highly attractive market, we look forward to contributing our experience, expertise and resources to the continued development and growth of the TIS container terminal.”